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What forms do I Need?

Click here to download a list of the CSA forms you will need for the entire CSA swim season.

CSA Rule Book and Handbook

CSA Rules 2019(Word format)
Proposed CSA Rules 2019(To be Voted, March 2019)
CSA Rules 2018(Unofficial)
CSA Rules 2017(PDF format)

Tri-Meet Administration

Registration Form

Swimmer Registration/Release Form (pdf). Please note that Swimmer Registration/Release forms must be filled out and signed for each swimmer before the first dual meet.

Meet Manager

Meet Manager Guide
Meet Manager Forms
Additional Swimmer Log
Dual Meet Time Line
Program Relationships

Meet Scoring Forms

Scoring procedures

Note: these forms require legal-size (8 1/2 x 14) paper.

NEW: Meet Scoring Form for tri-meets (.pdf)
Meet Scoring Form (for 4-lane pools) (.pdf)
Meet Scoring Form (for 6-lane pools)(.pdf)
Meet Scoring Form (for 6-lane pools; 8.5x11 paper)(.pdf)

Order of Events (MS Word)

Newspaper Report Form

The home team is responsible for completing and submitting the newspaper report form.
This form should be downloaded and filled out electronically.
Detailed instructions for using the form are found at the top of the form itself.
The newspaper form must be submitted by 9AM on the day following the meet to satisfy newspaper deadlines.

Download form.

Please do not send forms directly to the News and Record.
If you have problems with the form,
call Annie B Trent at 286-4756.

Pool Setup Diagram

This diagram represents the standard setup for pools at CSA swim meets. Note: this diagram represents a 50-meter pool. For 25-meter/yard pools, the 15-meter mark is well past the middle of the pool.

Official Dual Meet Entry Procedures 2011

Notes on Pool Setup

Starting platforms are numbered from right to left as the swimmers stand facing the course.

Starting platforms must be anchored to the pool deck and must remain stable.

All ladders, steps, or stairs within the racing course shall be recessed in the pool walls.

Starting block requirements:

    • Water depth of 4' or greater at starting end: maximum block height of 2'6" above the surface of the water.
    • Water depth of less than 4' at the starting end: swimmers must begin race in the water.
    • Water depth of less than 4' at the turn end: in-water relay starts are required.
    • USA Swimming rules require a 6' water depth for teaching racing starts.